2019 Tokyo, Japan

4th Youth WOC 2019, Tokyo, Japan

The fourth Youth World Championship was held in Tokyo, October 2019. 
The 43rd WOC was planned to be held in Hong Kong. Twenty four youth players were originally registered. The political events in Hong Kong forced the WOC to move to Tokyo which reduced the number of youth participants to 17. Again there were no Youth semifinals, because Akihiro Takahashi won the WOC 2019.

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Four youths playing                                                           Othello is a family business! De Graaf-Blijleven, Netherlands       The trophy ceremony

W.C. Akihiro Takahashi, Japan
Second Kenta Yakushiji, Japan
Third Shachar Laufer   Israel
4 Mickey Shifman, Israel
5 Yuki Namazu, USA
6 Wendy De Graaf-Blijleven, the Netherlands
7 Erdenesuvd Batzorig, Mongolia
8 Erdenemunkh Manlai, Mongolia
9 Bertram Palmer, Denmark
10 Narantuya Erdenebat, Mongolia
11 Eui Chan Noh, Korea
12 Zi Xiao Wang, China
13 Mark Plowman, Great Britain
14 Alberte Josefine Nielsen, Denmark
15 Misa Namazu, USA
16 Shani Shifman, Israel
17 Tuva Juhnestam, Sweden