2016 Mito, Japan

1st Youth WOC, Mito, Japan

The first WOC for youths was held in Mito, Japan. The grand final was played between Arthur Juigner and Masaki Wada. Wada won the game with 36-28. They had already played against eachother in round 8 of the swiss tournament, where Juigner won with 36-28.
Mikael Lee got 5 points in the swiss round of the tournament and finished in third place. Alexandra Bryant won two games and finished fourth in the Youth WOC. Alexandra Bryant qualified by answering an Othello quizz in a youth magazine in England. The British Othello federation tried new ways to find youth players.


Mito, Japan


W.C. Masaki Wada Japan
Second Arthur Juigner Switzerland
Third Mikael Lee Korea
4 Alexandra Bryant England