3rd XOT WOC at "Ludico Game"
on November 1st 2023


What is planned on the "Open Day" ? 

The 3rd XOT World Othello Championship!

A seven round "XOT" (random openings) Othello tournament is planned during the WOC 2023 Open Day.  Time controls will be 15 minutes per player.

There will be finals and trophies for various categories (open, ladies, under-16, over-60). There needs to be at least 6 players in any particular category to be valid for finals and prizes.

How much will it cost ?

The entry fee for the tournament is 15€ for adults if you register before October 25th, otherwise it will be 20€. For players under 18 the entry fee is 12€.  The entry fee includes lunch at the venue (you can let us know what kind of meal you want on the registration form below).

When is it ?

The XOT WOC is on Wednesday November 1st which is the day just before the WOC 2023 Welcome Reception. Registration will start at 9:50AM and the first round is scheduled to start at 10:30AM.

Where is it ?

The XOT WOC will take place at a DIFFERENT VENUE than the actual WOC tournament but still in the same area and very close (only 400 meters away from the WOC venue).

The venue for the XOT WOC is the "Ludico Game" which is a pub that runs board game events and is located on via Gianluca Squarcialupo 8

This venue is very close to the Tiburtina and Bologna metro stations both on the metro B line (see VENUE page for more information).

Registration Form for the XOT WOC 2023

42 Registered Players

Name Country Rating
Alessandro Di Mattei ITA 2273
Nicky van den Biggelaar NLD 2215
Roberto Sperandio ITA 2145
Roel Hobo NLD 2015
Paolo Scognamiglio ITA 2001
Jan C. de Graaf - Blijleven NLD 1997
David Hand GBR 1954
Andrea Silvola ITA 1893
Roy Lin SGP 1862
George Ortiz AUS 1837
Henrik Vallund DEU 1800
Massimo di Pietro ITA 1799
Elisabetta Vecchi ITA 1743
Ilya Shifman ISR 1709
Damiano Sperandio ITA 1680
Michele Diodati ITA 1665
Jason Ong SGP 1661
Micky Shifman ISR 1635
Severino Di Cola ITA 1623
Biagio Privitera ITA 1613
Leonid Shifman ISR 1610
Luigi Lamberti ITA 1607
Calvin Koh Ding Sheng SGP 1606
Palle Badsted DNK 1597
Rodolfo Baielli ITA 1593
Pietro Rossi ITA 1566
Fabrizio Lai ITA 1510
Leonardo Caviola ITA 1429
Maria Serena Vecchi ITA 1364
Sonya Matveeva ISR 1321
Sandra Pistolesi ITA 1284
Chiara Gigliucci ITA 1277
Gallo Irène Ourega CIV 1163
Paolo Barsotti ITA 1130
Flavio Marconi ITA 1042
Alessandro Cacciatore ITA 1033
Loh Jeannot Ourega CIV   867
Simone Maraldi ITA   397
Carlo Landini ITA   349
Zirimba Ange Francis Ourega CIV  
Mehmood Sardar PAK  
Muhammad Saad PAK