Nicky van den Biggelaar wins the 2023 XOT WOC!


On the "Open Day" of the WOC 2023 (Wednesday November 1st) 62 players from 18 different nations took part in the 3rd XOT (random openings) World Othello Championship. Seven rounds were played followed by a one game final for the main "open" category, the Senior category (over 60), the Junior category (under 16) and the Ladies category.

Nicky van den Biggelaar of the Netherlands won the open final against his teammate Makoto Suekuni. Makoto was winning over the board but lost on time in the final move!

Congratulations to Nicky, the 2023 XOT World Othello Champion!


Standings after 7 rounds



Final top 4 standings in the open category (including final and 3rd place match results) 
1. Nicky van den Biggelaar (NLD)
2. Makoto Suekuni (NLD)
3. Matthias Berg (CHE)
4. Roy Lin (SGP)


Senior Category
1. Ian Turner (GBR)
2. Michele Diodati (ITA)


Junior Category
1. Calvin Koh (SGP) 
2. Shahar Laufer (ISR)


Ladies Category
1. Maria Serena Vecchi (ITA)
2. Elisabetta Vecchi (ITA)


All the final games in each category can be viewed on LiveOthello