Over 70 hours of Othello, live from the World Othello Championship #45 in Italy!
WOF Live TV streaming will bring you the most exciting moments from the 45th WOC! Interesting games will be commentated live by experienced Othello players. Around 100 games will be streamed. Follow players from all over the world, listen to interviews. Ask top contenders strategy questions and get answers live!

WOC #45 will be commentated in English, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. Maybe also in Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Mongolian and other languages! Check the Studio Othello Schedule for your language!

WOF Studio Othello Live - STudio Othello WOC 2023
Jump Channel - Yusuke Takanashi Channel (Japanese)
JOA Live Othello TV - Japanese news.
WOF Studio Othello Live - Italian and other languages.
Table 1 Live in English at Facebook

FEDERATIONS and Othello Youtubers.
Would you like to stream a table? Comment it in your own language? Contact the WOF Media Team.


 Studio Othello (1).jpg WOF STUDIO OTHELLO  - English

Guy Plowman Luke Plowman Joseph Rose    
Takeshi Murakami Kunihiko Tanida      

Studio Othello (1).jpg  STUDIO OTHELLO Italian - Italiano 

Studio Othello (1).jpg  STUDIO OTHELLO Japanese - 日本

Alessandro di Mattei Roberto Sperandio George Ortiz Takeshi Murakami Tomoki Otaka